"Be that as it may, my Father knows best, and I'm confident that He has placed me here; my task is to labor quietly until the pillar cloud removes and leads farther, working out God's purposes in God's time." -Jim Elliot


Finding Each Other

So God is at work as always. We are finding each other! We have noticed that when we come back to our hotel room and play after a morning outing, Selah's little heart just comes alive. She smiles, plays, and often will play peekaboo with us while following us around. We have even heard some adorable giggles!!! There is a light in her eyes, a pep in her step, and a letting down of her guard that happens when we are back at "home base". When we are out with others, she immediately goes back into her turtle shell. With time, love, and growing in trust, we know that she will show the world her smile too! The last few days have been filled with sightseeing at the Tengwang Pavilion, the Peoples Park, and Porcelain Street. We were able to get Selah a porcelain tea set that will be her special keepsake of what her homeland is famous for in Jiangxi Province. The worker there gave us a free porcelain pot with a picture of a mountain near Pingxiang, her birth city. I was bawling like a baby, and no one was surprised. I think in that moment it hit me that we are taking her as far away from her birth land than we possibly could, and the immense loss (and gain) that is involved with that just really sunk in. Also, I was so deeply touched that this native Chinese women wanted it give this to AnLi for her to have a memory of her roots. She really cared, and that meant the world to us.
I am going to just share many pictures from our adventures this week. We have focused our time on AnLi, getting to know her more and more everyday. It is hard to imagine life before her, even though I know that sounds wild. It's like she has always been here with us.
First apple juice

Tengwang Pavilion 


People's Park

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