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Good news and bad news

So today we received good news and bad news. We will start with the bad news, as the good far outweighs the bad! The bad news is that the US Consulate cannot issue Selah's visa today, and they are unable to ensure when they will be able to issue it. So in a way, we feel as though we are temporarily yet indefinitely stuck in China. We will definitely keep everyone posted, but please pray for this issue to be resolved. We are officially homesick more than ever, and we want to get home to our boys as soon as possible.

Wren crying tears of joy after watching videos of Selah this past week with us. She is so thankful that her Mei Mei has found a forever family!!!
Now on to the good news! We have been in touch with the adoptive mother of Selah's best friend and big sister "Jie Jie" from her orphanage. Her name is Wren, and her mother expressed interest in allowing the girls to continue a relationship and connection in America! They live near Peoria, Illinois, only about five hours away from us. What a small world! We cannot express the incredible answer to prayer this is! Not only does Selah get to come home to her forever family, but she also gets to maintain a friendship with a sister she has known since she was one year old when she was brought to the orphanage. Wren's mom also said that they maintain connection with her favorite Nanny from the orphanage too, so there will possibly be a way for her to keep in touch with this young lady as well. We are already planning a visit to get these two sisters together. ;) Here is a picture of Selah, Wren, and their Nanny (who is wearing glasses).

Selah, her Nanny, and Wren by a river near their orphanage
Another really neat thing that we were able to receive back in Nanchang was a picture and name of her foster mom who cared for her during her first year of life following her time in the NICU. We are going to be able to write her letters and send pictures through the orphanage to keep in touch with her. One day, we will return to China if Selah wants to see her homeland, visit her orphanage, and meet her foster mom who cared for her during her first months out of the hospital. This is such a huge praise, for we can rest knowing that she is not saying goodbye forever to these important relationships from her past, but we are able to foster those relationships to continue to grow in a different way. What a blessing!

Selah with her foster mom

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Stephanie B said...

Beyond thrilled for you guys! So glad to see that Selah is opening up to you already. She knows she is loved. ;-)