"Be that as it may, my Father knows best, and I'm confident that He has placed me here; my task is to labor quietly until the pillar cloud removes and leads farther, working out God's purposes in God's time." -Jim Elliot


Zoo, Visas, and a Taste from Home

Today we visited the Guangzhou City Zoo with the four other families that we are traveling alongside. Selah loved seeing the animals there, and this was her first experience at a zoo! We love being a part of her "firsts", she really enjoyed checking out all of the animals! Here are some pics!

Also, we found out today that the Visa database glitch has been fixed, so we will not be delayed in returning home! Yay!!! We are truly celebrating! 3.5 more days in China to go before we board a plan to bring her home. We are ready to see our boys, and for her to meet our loved ones waiting for our return.

Lastly, this afternoon I found some solice during nap time in a taste from home that is right across the street from our hotel. I took time to pray and talk with God about all that has been going on. I also shared some things with Him that have been heavy on my heart in navigating these waters, especially in the area of Selah's trust with mealtimes and that we are going to take care of her needs. I really felt the Lord closely draw me in to say, "I have appointed you to be this little girl's mother. Give her time." I truly walked out of this coffee heaven with a sense of peace and assurance that God's got this. Even when it is hard, He knows and He cares. And He has already written the story to reveal His redemption in the end. But I can truly say from across the world, Starbucks never tasted so good! 

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